Quiet Sign of Love for Deaf and Hearing world

Quiet Signs of Love is a short film providing a window into the world of deafness and shows the important role the National Relay Service plays in the lives of thousands of Australians. Check out the information about Part 1- This is about how a hearing guy, Daniel meet with a Deaf girl, Hannah at the university. Daniel interested in her and want to learn the sign language from her on everyday. They are very happy together. 

Part 2 - After Hannah and Daniel become couple, they entered in the Deaf and Hearing World together. It is very challenges for them. For hearing world, he get embarrassed because his girlfriend are Deaf and his friends tease him and his Deaf girlfriend? For Deaf world, her Deaf friends make him angry? Hannah try to be understand Daniel's feeling and Daniel want to understand what Deaf feels if his ears are on "turn off" at same time. Finally, they have choices if they want to continue or never meet again?

Interview with Bethany: What is Quiet Signs of Love?

When you fall in love with Deaf, how you communicate with Deaf? It doesn't matter because you can connect with your eyes... She explains about how she communicate with her hearing boyfriend? First, she uses paper and pen to write... If you want to know more, you better see this youtube below;

This stories are very good and easy to be understand for the Deaf and Hearing together. They did great job to make this story be great! It help to break down the communication between Deaf and Hearing world.

In my university, I got some friends who interested to learn the sign language from me. They told me that their first reactions are different; "Oh...! I am sorry!" or "Oh I see.." or "Oh, cool!" or etc... because this is first time they get to know 1st Deaf friend like me. Hahaha!

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