How to Add Google Plus one (+1) Button to Your Post of Blogger?

Google released the Google +1 button on June 2011. This is helpful to enable the visitors to give a recommendation to Google, mean promote your blog to their friends, and others in search results! It is different than Google Buzz - just share the updates, photos and etc in Gmail only. That is why they tried to do new features like Facebook 'Like' button.

You need to understand about What is Google’s +1  button...

The +1 button, Google’s new experiment, is shorthand for  “you should check this out.”  By clicking +1, you can to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1′s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search. +1 will be integrated directly into Google’s search engine.

How to add the code in your post of blogger?
  • Step 1- You can get the +1 button code and learn more about implementation on our +1 webmaster site.
  • You choose few options of size button; small, standard, medium, or tall.
  • Copy the javascript code then go to Page Element or Post in Blogger as where you like to add.
  • Paste the code in HTML/Javascript at Page Element. 
It is fine after I test this. You can see the Google Plus +1 button below each post.

And you can watch the youtube below;

This video will explain how adding the +1 button can make your articles go viral across the web as people vote the +1 button. Google also intends to use these votes in its search engine rankings as a social influence factor.

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