How Internet has Changed our Education

Internet has been a dominating resource for finding information around world. The grasp of knowledge and power has shifted from hands of the institution to those students. The online education is growing as the students always discussing and opening their discussion or learn new thing on every time when they are on the internet.

Last time, I was starting to use the Internet after my dad and mom bought 1st PC on first time! I am really not good at using the Internet and email. But, I noticed that more people used email because it is very popular and still help to connect the people around world. This is helping the Deaf people can email each other. An email is also used for business too. They also used the text-messaging (SMS) to message with their friends too. So, the technology and Internet also open the door between Deaf and Hearing community!

Nowsdays, Deaf people love to use Internet with used their smartphones or iphone. They also still use laptop to be online in Facebook and always check their email on everyday! If you are addicted to Internet, you sure cannot live without Internet, right? Maybe I can live without the Internet or not? I believe it does impact to everyone too including young and old generation! My dad and mom also can play in Facebook too! Cool!

I love to find new information and knowledge when I am learning something which I am not understand in my lesson. So, the Power of Internet is revolutionizing education field is very important!
If we think about the future education, the students will have their own freedom time and use e-books and laptop to learn on their own or if you think it's easy to learn via online learning from the teachers?  

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education


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