Google Doodle Guitar - Can't take my eyes off you

This was a very best Google Doodle shown on 9th June 2011. This is first time for anybody can play! It's enjoyable! fun~  Why Google are doing new Doodle Guitar? Because Google is celebrating the birthday of Les Paul, and has put up a playable and recordable guitar on

 You can play it virtually and record a song! You try to hover your mouse over the strings, you will hear sound, and also play notes using your keyboard. Cool!

 He played the song by pressing the keyboard letters between [A] to [:] to make a song "Can't take my eyes off you". See the youtube below;

If you miss it on 9 June 2011, nevermind. You make sure to see what's new doodle will come out at when you google on everytime. :)

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