Blogger unveils 5 New Dynamic Views

I’m am really excited that Blogger has finally got attached to the latest web technology like AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3 that is available on 2011.

Blogger is very friendly and simple interface that make you understand so easily if you learn to improve your own blog by yourself. I just completed my blog when I learned how to edit in few minutes only. As I know, Blogger will have new user interface soon. Check out at " is getting new user interface in 2011"

After they announced about new user interface in Blogger, they unveiled new perspective for the blog, for which we get five different dynamic views for our blog. But, this dynamic views used as the preview only. It don't have page elements, java scripts and advertisements.

The new dynamic views are featured more photos with read more in each post at same time. It's very easy as can choose different views suited to different types of blogs as you like. I think that it is fine when download images as fast speed to view them.It allow you feel interactive blog when you view more different of user interface layouts to experience what you see while using your blog to test...

You can have the preview of the views for your blog by just adding /view after your blog url. For example, I make No matter you get domain and have, you still can view your view with just adding /view only if your blog still have Blogger. After that you can choose any view in the header.

See my previews
-  Flipcard

- Mosaic

 - Sidebar

 - Snapshot

 - Timeslide

And you can see the youtube below;

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