Review: Zuma Blitz on Facebook

Zuma Blitz is very fun games that my sisters and I played on last time before it went in Facebook. Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz come from Popcorn so, I prefer theZuma Blitz mostly because it is very friendly and make you enjoy to shoot the balls as you like to gain more Mojo. I still remember about how I can play in Zuma Blitz.

In Facebook games app, Zuma Blitz is different because it allow anybody can play this games when they always competitive each other because if you at top rank 1, you will get some prizes! You also can buy from the Power-ups and stores with used Mojo. And another way is you need to level up until get free power-ups. But, you always level up on everyday until your Power-ups become upgrade and better!

Every time, you start this game, you can use all your lives to play. You have to stop playing when your lives finished. So, you use an Idol to fill up your lives or you wait until your lives be recharging. How you get extra Mojos? You have to think new strategry to play this game.

Maybe you can use the various combinations of power-ups is a good way to customize the game and build a strategy that suits your personal approach to gaining extra Mojos. You better shoot the fruits and treasure chests that help you gain more points to level up or get Mojos.

Every week, the top of ranking always become zero and the place of shooting always changing so , it won't make you bored when you play this game on everyday.

My colleague asked me to go over her at top of ranking! She is very addicted to Zuma Blitz, she always at top than my colleagues and me! haha. Every week, I am playing Zuma Blitz once only. My mom also like to play Zuma Blitz too! Because it is very easy for adults and mommy? Haha!

Go to the apps Zuma Blitz in Facebook. Enjoy ya!

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