Game Review: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer 2011

This year's first trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII was shown at the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere event on last January 18, 2011. You all sure want to play the Final Fantasy Versus XIII with PS3! Bad, I don't have PS3 so, I will buy it soon!

Do you noticed when this trailer is beginning, the everything is real before Noctis' meeting with beautiful lady...?


That is why we rumored about this trailer, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. There is a pretty impressive cutscene with a hero, Noctis, passing by a guarded checkpoint that seemed to be a blend of both CG and real world visuals. So, the checkpoint toll looks very real! 

And, you can see the real outside the window of Noctis's car too! Many Final Fantasy fans love an amazing part, a toll checkpoint by the guardians! 

I also like the parts about Noctis summoned many swords around him, like Erza, Fairy Tail but, he don't has an ability, change his clothes..For me, if he have the Erza's abilities, yes, cool! Haha. And Noctis looks as real when he is thinking himself...

The Final Fantasy Versus XIII game will be released in 2011, maybe they will show up in June for E3 Japan 2011.

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