DSLR: Canon VS Nikon Infographic

You know two of the top camera companies are Nikon and Canon, but which is better? Canon makes a better point and shoot and Nikon makes a better Digital SLR.

I saw many Deaf friends used Nikon because Canon is very expensive than Nikon. Still many want to choose Canon DSLR because alot of profesional photographers used the Canon DSLR. But, Nikon DSLR is very friendly and easy to be understand when you want to set the Nikon DSLR.

Last time, Deaf Malaysians used the digital camera to take the normal photos only. Today, Deaf people want to learn more from the DSLR because they attracted to the beautiful photograph with Canon or Nikon DSLR! If you really want to be professional photographer, you can learn from this infographic.

The ultimate battle! See the compression between Canon and Nikon?

Finally, the result about Canon is WINNER. You prefer Canon or Nikon? Nevermind, you still can learn more when you bought Nikon or Canon on your first time. I guess that most beginners like to buy Nikon than Canon?

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Anonymous said…
u false, nikon win....u see world this who use and how many? u google self....