"A Yuzuriha" - Deaf Movie from Japan

"A Yuzuriha" - Daphniphyllum macropodum (science name of flower in Japan).

 A Japanese version movie named "A Yuzuriho" (Daphniphyllum macropodum) directed by a Deaf-born director, Kentaro Hayase.

The movie about a life of the Deaf people was first shown at Tokyo in June 2010. It has attracted more than 150,000 viewers at 516 movie theaters in the whole country within one year. So, it was it was an unexpected smash hit!
First time, the Japanese Federation of the Deaf (JFD), an organization advocating for the rights of the deaf in Japan undertook movie-making.

The Movie “Yuzuriha” depicts struggle against discrimination deaf people face over generations through sad love story and family love.

Mr Kentaro says, "This movie was to give the viewers a chance to know how the Deaf people live a life. I would like to make film again about the Deaf who challenge the barrier because of deafness".

 I also want to watch this movie "A Yuzuriha"! But, it don't have English subtitle. Sad. I hope that they can make into the International movie with English subtitle so the Deaf people around world can watch this!

I am sure that many Deaf, Hard-hearing and Hearing people around world want to buy "A Yuzuriha" DVD with the Japanese subtitle, priced 4,800 yen from if they are interested in!

 See the trailer below;

And you can watch this about the interview with Mr Kentaro, included the actors are Deaf persons. A popular Japanese actress, Eri Imai, who casts as one of the main characters, is a hearing singer and has a Deaf son. And get to know how the Deaf and Hearing people work together on this film.


Please visit the official website - Japanese Federation of the Deaf (JFD) in Japanese version or English version

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