Official Launch iPad 2 Pricing revealed in Malaysia - 29 April 2011

Finally, the iPad 2 confirmed to launch on 29 April, tomorrow! Sure, many people are queuing so really long..long at all official retail outlets in Malaysia! Last time, I saw some people are sleeping outside a retail outlet, Machines in the shopping mall before a day of launch! I just guessed that they already waited for a day!

You will buy new iPad 2 on tomorrow? ;) Please visit on the Official Apple Malaysia website.

Do you think about iPad 2 is cheaper than orginial iPad? The detail of Pricing in Malaysia:

16GB: iPad RM1,549 — iPad 2 RM1,499
32GB: iPad RM1,849 — iPad 2 RM1,799
64GB: iPad RM2,149 — iPad 2 RM2,099

16GB: iPad RM1,999 — iPad 2 RM1,899
32GB: iPad RM2,299 — iPad 2 RM2,199
64GB: iPad RM2,599 — iPad 2 RM2,499

Check more information in the Forum Lowyat about iPad 2 in Malaysia : How to buy an iPad 2? Check out on the Machines issue FAQ for iPad 2

For Deaf Malaysian, I suggest you better to buy the Smart Cover to make you can use the sign language so easily when the Smart Cover help to hold iPad 2. Maybe I think its cost around RM 180 - 200+

Thank you @SoyaCincau

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