Nintendo Wii 2 Rumours 2011: Nintendo Will 2 will lanuch in Malaysia

I get to read a blog Mashable about US retailers sell Nintendo Will at price $170 (RM 514.05) in the United States. Maybe they will drop to $169 or 170, and Nintendo still hasn’t made an official announcement about the price cut. Why? Because the Nintendo Wii 2 will coming soon, the Original Wii will drop in.

Like the Play Station 2 price already down to RM 500 - 600 in Malaysia since the Play Station 3 comes out. Check out on the Play Station 2 in Malaysia @ Selina's Wing

Wii 2 may feature ATI's R700 series GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) clocking in at 900MHz so, it will be more powerful than the XBOX 360 and Play Station 3. The Blu-ray compatibility will join the Wii 2 features too. Maybe they add the HD successor to the Wii console and improve the Motion Sensor. It is interesting! I cannot to see what are new features will be in the Nintendo Will 2!

The second generation, Wii 2 may be releasing this coming June at the E3 Expo, Los Angeles. I am sure that the price of Wii 2 are very expensive, like the Play Station 3 - around RM 2000+. Maybe I will buy the Nintendo Will if the Malaysia retailers will sell the cheap price when the Will 2 are coming soon in June 2011?

You can see the youtube - Nintendo Wii 2 E3 2011 Extended Trailer HD

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badzalee said…
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Anonymous said…
Non of the above 2 comments were commenting on your article. Sad people.

Anyway, as I've heard that it'll be out sometime this fall (Q4 2012). I've been doing few research on the price and if it's really RM2k, I might as well get a new set of PC instead.

Wii 2 comes in two; the console and gamepad with mini screen on it. That could be the reason why it is expensive. pretty sure you could not get any cheaper than RM2k, if that's true. Unless you plan to wait after a year.

RM2k is just not worth it. Browse the games that might be out for Wii U, then you'd know how a must-have the Wii U really is.