Movie Review: Source Code

Source Code is “an action thriller centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train.

Surprisingly, Jake Gyllenhaal was Prince of Persia Time before! Source Code is a well made sci-fi thriler,written with a genius blend of parallel universe and time travel. That is why he do same thing, like he can back to Time. Cool! This movie are similar as The Inception movie that I watched. But, this movie don't have the effect  ""Gravity-shifting" - slow. It always bring you back to last 8 minutes on every time!

When you are in different place, you sure confused after he finds that he has waken up in a stranger’s body. Weird! He remembers is leading his team on a mission in Afghanistan.Eight minutes later,the train explodes in a bomb blast and he wakes up again to find himself contained inside a metal capsule! From start, I thought that the government get the secret mission - "Source Code" that make him trapped inside a cage. They not let him find out the truth until he have to complete his mission. So, he must do his action so quickly before a big explosion come out in a train!

It's really scare if you in the big explosion, you sure feel pain and make your brain not clear? I always wondered about how they can make him into a stranger's brain when he is in past time - last 8 mins?? Not easy to make someone go into another person's life... Maybe they used a stranger's brain that can connect to his brain while he is lying? For me, he looks in coma, but his heart died. His brain is very strong and still be active?  Because they want him to figure out what happened to them. mission is to find out who is responsible and prevent a greater tragedy.

I don't know about our Time can change if we can make a change and escape someone from death? If we have the machines of Time in reality, we can check our history to prevent wars!

It’s a fascinating movie that make everyone thought will face their life filled the emotion, such as death, loss, family, love, responsibility, courage and pain. Eg. how you feel when you found out about you passed away or loss someone's important to you?

 If I have my abilities - Time, I can to go back and change my path! Haha. Just kidding. :P

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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