iPhone 5 Rumours 2011 - You need to know everything about the iPhone 5 [Infographic]

The iPhone 4 introduced on last year but, still a lot of people always heard many rumors about the iPhone 5 and still questioned about how iPhone 5 looks like... Many believe iPhone is very better than iPhone 4 so, they are waiting for this!

The has compiled all the rumors about the features of the upcoming iPhone 5 in a beautiful infographic, make you understand so easily.

They said it will coming out in September 2011 as what I heard.... Wah, iPhone 5 will have the physical keyboard? Like my mobile phone, Nokia N97 mini. iPhone 5 sure will be available for two colours; black and white because iPad 2 also have two colours too.

Maybe it will remove the Home button because they want to make the screen into bigger - 4-5 inches? Cool! I think that maybe the iPhone 5 will be thicker as iPad 2?

I hope that they can create the amazing application in iPhone 5!

Please click this image to zoom bigger

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