Google’s Messages for Japan: The world is with you

Last month, a massive 9.0 earthquake, tsunamis and explosion of radiation really hit the Japan, that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 which is the people around world never forget this....You want to spread your message to Japan, right? Many people in Japan maybe not understand what to read your message so the Google helped to create new Message for Japan to make the translate your message into Japanese language! It also have the donation to help Japan too.

You can see messages on the world map, browse them in their original language or in Japanese and donate to the rebuilding effort. Great job, Google! You can click on three icons; Write your message, Read message, or See the messages on Map.

When I write my message, my words automatically translated to Japanese by Google Translate. No need to worry because the Japanese people can read the messages in English or Japanese that the people around world delivered!  See my message for Japan below!

Donations raised via the Crisis Response page have exceeded five million dollars so far. We truly appreciate your contributions and thank you for your continued support - Google Blog

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