Google introduces new Gmail Motion on April Fool 2011

Today, I see the Gmail Motion - Beta - from Official Gmail blog, so I wonder why they launched the Gmail Motion on April Fool 2011? Gmail mentioned about mostly people always use keyboard and mouse when they are in front of their computer or laptop. They feel that it is not good because the users don't always do execise and don't move from the computer.

To use Gmail Motion, you’ll need a computer with a built-in webcam. Once you enable Gmail Motion from the Settings page, Gmail will enable your webcam when you sign in and automatically recognize any one of the detected movements via a spatial tracking algorithm From Official Gmail blog

For me as Deaf, this is not help because it need to take time to detect the body if they move so fast? You need to remember the gmail action as always if you want to type in Gmail. Haha.

What you think this after you watch this youtube? Gmail Motion can detect your  body via the webcam! Have you test the new "Gmail Motion"? Go try it now! You go open your webcam with click "Try Gmail Motion"

Have a fun! Enjoy ya! =^ ^=

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