Game Review: Okami

The story in Okami is based in the classical era of Japan in the Nippon region... One hundred years prior to the events in Okami, the eight-headed beast Orichi threatened the countryside but thanks to an expert swordsman and a wolf, the beast was defeated and trapped in a shrine. However, in the present, nearly on the 100th anniversary of the defeat, the beast is let free and curses the entire countryside. The goddess Sakuya calls forth the sun goddess Amaterasu into the physical manifestation of a white wolf charged to remove the curve and to save the countryside. Guided by Issun, a bug-like artist seeking the Celestial Paintbrush techniques for himself, the pair work on reversing the damage caused by the curse, but sense that a much greater evil is emerging to threaten the world...

There’s lot of optional side quests you can work through as well; these include finding a number of hidden beads, Once areas are free of the curse, you can feed the animals with the right type of food to earn praise, help out the various residents with small tasks to earn valuable items that you can collect or sell, and other similar side quests...

You can play this character as white wolf and help him to free the villages from the evils' curse. First time, I use the brush techniques to draw something like circle, line, and etc..It more like attack monsters, paint the bridge, draw a sun, draw more flowers and many! It is really good to make me feel like the beautiful nature..! See the trailer below;

The graphics look absolutely stunning, and much better in motion. It really has a unique style of artwork! From beginning, the environment looks as darkness because the evil's curse spread around the villages already so, the gods cannot help because they have not enough power.. Their world need 'white wolf''s help to make more beautiful nature and flowers when you use the brush! It is very beautiful scenery! (via Gamespot: Okami) I think that it’s a great game for younger games simply due to the ability to experiment and play around without feeling under too much pressure to succeed in battle.

Okami is definitely one of the top games of the year! You should buy this game because the game is absolutely amazing and beautiful!!

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