Diner Dash ’s Facebook Infographic 2011

This is an infographic created by the game’s creator Playfirst shows a set of metrics on how well the application has performed in Facebook. It is very fast and hit a big since the Diner Dash  bring to the Facebook in two months ago! My sisters and I love to play the single games; Diner Dash because it is very suitable and friendly for the kids and family!

Wow..More than 3 million people have played the Diner Dash! Not Diner Dash - you play in the restaurant  only, the Playfirst always created alot of  interesting games, such as Wedding Dash, Soap Opera Dash, Cooking Dash, and many. Fio, from Diner Dash always help her friends opened the business in Dash games! It is very great and high recommended for the kids and adults can play!

If you interested to play this games, try on the Diner Dash Facebook.

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