You should protect yourself from the Facebook Scams

If you’re a Facebook social media user, then you must be aware of the various scams running over Facebook which can be pose harm to your privacy and online security. How you know if the application, message box or status posts get scam or not?

- You need to be careful when you see the application or message in Facebook. Mostly, many people like to see the top ranking - app “see who viewed your profile” that can lure them to find out how many friends viewed your profile! You better remove the application in your Facebook.

- You always see the message with links in your message chat which appeared in your Facebook when you chat with friends in the message chat room, right? You advised to not click the links from your friends. Because your friends don't aware that their profile detected as biat to attract you in the message box so you can advise your friends too.

- Everyday, you always see the posts which the friends published in the News Feed, Facebook, right? You need to check the posts before you click it. Better you not click the scam words in the status of news feed. For example, get free credits from farmvilla, doing sex in a toilet, check new mobile apps, omg! a father catches a daugther in a webcam, stalker viewed you in the profile, check out video or pictures, and many..

- Need to check the application, and you can edit the permission through your privacy settings. Navigate to your Privacy Settings after you click 'Account', and at the bottom of the page, click ‘Edit your settings‘ under Apps and Websites.

If you don't know what to do or worry about your own Facebook, you can use the BitDefender safego, free BitDefender application tool designed to protect the social network accounts from privacy risks, e-threats and spam. Check out on my review on BitDefender safego

Or you visit the official website, BitDefender and
According to Bitdefender safego statistics, 34.7% of scams promise to offer users profile traffic insights. The infographic details the types of messages used as baits in the spreading of social scam. A separate section is dedicated to a spam wave case study, which offers valuable info on illegitimate applications’ spreading mechanisms and potential click counts. It also features the Top 5 Busiest Scam Clicking countries.

If you watch this youtube, you will get to know more about the facebook scams.

The facebook scams infographic
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