Top 10 Reasons You Should Learn the Sign Language

Today, many hearing want to learn the sign language because their awareness about the Deaf Community in Malaysia are increased. Don't fear if they don't like you to use the sign language no matter you are Deaf or Hearing.

Why the Hearing people like to study the sign language? They told me that the sign language is very fun and expressing your feeling on your own with the idea of sign language, eg. singing. The sign language are the beauty of communication in such a unique form.

You think that Deaf have Deaf friends only? No! Today, Deaf also open to the Hearing community. The Deaf love to invite the Hearing friends join to eat lunch/dinner, playing the activities together, enjoy to talk each other via sign language and etc!

My colleagues enjoyed to learn the sign language with me in my workplace or during lunch. They are very happy because they can communicate via sign language. Sometimes they also forget the sign...Hehe. My colleague and I always go eat lunch together and enjoy to chat in sign language. :)

You are free to go about making friends with Deaf and enjoy to learn from Deaf Culture Malaysia as you like.

Top 10 Reasons for Learning Sign Language
1. You can communicate through windows
2. Sign language is a 3-D Language
3. You can sign with your mouth full
4. Hearing parents can communicate with their Deaf child
5. You can sign underwater 6. Sign Language is a neat way to express yourself
7. You can communicate across a room or via mirror without shouting
8. Sign language is beautiful
9. You can make friends with Deaf people
10. Sign language brings together Hearing & Deaf people

They are experienced with Deaf and Disability friends that give the advise about the Deaf and disability people are not stupid and don't turn down on them. Or don't be scared and embarrassed when the deaf person is your friend when you are in the front of your Hearing friends.

In our world, it is must be fair for them as the Hearing people.

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Thanks to Afifi Ishak because it make me get an idea to write this article. ^^

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