Marlee Matlin, Deaf Author and Academy Award Winning Actress

DeafTV and Deaf YouTube in Facebook published the youtube about Deaf Actress, Marlee Matlin. When I am teenager, I remembered that I am watching her doing the justice in the Drama TV before. I don't remember when...Maybe Reasonable Doubts Drama Series. I felt that she is a GREAT actress! My mom also watched it before. I heard a name "Marlee Matlin" on many times from what the Deaf people in US are talking about then she is Deaf role model of strong woman for Deaf community in United States but, I just know about she was Academy Award for Actress in a Leading Role from her movie - "Children of a Lesser God"!

She is very successful person! She is very wonderful and having good family in her life! She always give the inspiration to Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. She always inspired everyone in many ways and support everyone no matter who are you! She also wrote the books like Nobody's Perfect, Deaf Child Crossing, and I'll Scream Later - The New York Times Best Selling autobiography.

She involved with the Drama Series; The L Word, Seinfeld, My Name Is Earl The Outer Limits, ER, Desperate Housewives, CSI: NY. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I am fan of CSI: NY and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, then I get to see her in CSI! Haha.

"I'll Scream Later" by Author, Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin interviewed about her book " I'll Scream Later" in Youtube.  You can buy "I'll Scream Later" book from at 

And check out on the Review - Marlee Matlin Autobiography "I'll Scream Later" - here.

YouTube: Marlee Matlin 'I'll Scream Later' (with English caption) 
Please visit Marlee Matlin's official website at and find Marlee Matlin on Facebook 

Marlee Matlin at Google

Google invited Marlee Matlin to talk about the some challenges, barriers communication and discrimination still against the people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and the important of captioning for the Youtube. So, what you learned from her when she mentioned about something in her part of life?

She did say,"It's time it's time to prove that she can do anything except hear when she is going out from the door" - I really like her words. ^_^ More details about


The Roast of Donald Trump - Marlee Matlin

This show is comedy and more fun! Wow, she is really amazing beauty! Everyone admired Marlee Matlin when she is on the Roast of Donald Trump show.

Check out at

Marlee Matlin opened a door to increase the Deaf Awareness to the world! If you are Deaf, you can do it! Stand as strong!

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