Free Smashing Book #2: The Lost Files

I am sure that you heard about Smashing Magazine is very popular blog that designers, deveplors and bloggers like to visit on everyday! It delivered many topics, such as online tips, tutorials for designers and deveplors, collection of inspiration, and many. I am enjoy to read this blog when I am free.

More about the Smashing Book #1 and #2 are very amazing because it include the creative design, the informative of web, usability, mobile experience, user inferface and others! As Deaf designer, I love to learn about the creative and inspiration design by Smashing Magazine!

Finally, Smashing Magazine provide FREE ebook, The Lost Files because the Four chapters written for the new Smashing Book #2 didn’t make it into the final book due to size constraints. So Smashing Magazine has released this as a free ebook, available to everyone who’s registered in the Smashing Shop.

This e-book get 120 pages, you will read the following four chapters:
  • "Plagues in Web Design Business & How To Deal With Them" by Speider Schneider, 
  • "Web Design Community: Where Are We Going?" by Paul Scrivens, 
  • "The Ultimate Web Design Questionnaire And Checklist" by Kat Neville, 
  • "Interviews: Expert Tips From Renowned Designers" by Steven Snell. 

If you are not registered user of Smashing Shop, you can register and get download free ebook: The Lost Files.

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