My holiday, Melbourne - February 2011

Finally, I managed to reach my country, Malaysia. I was nervous because I am alone when I went to check in my flight and have to pass through the immigration check at Australia! My friends said me bravo and managed to walk alone! The officers and tourists thought me is very young! They asked me,"Are you studying in school or College?" No..I already work for 2 years ago!

When he/she is Deaf who alone without their guardian, they need the officer to guide them into the airport. It was happened to me before when a staff guide me go to check in. If you worry or don't know where you go to, you can ask the staffs from disability service center when you are in the airport.

When my mom and I are going to the Melbourne City, I am really like the beautiful places and enjoyed to visit the Melbourne Museum! I cannot finish to explore all in Melbourne Museum and we already late after 2 hours because this museum is really big!  I never forget my best memories when I visited my eldest sis who is working in Melbourne for 6 months.

I took few photos while I am exploring more places which I never see... :D I really excited when I see some Dinosaurs' bones - real! This is my first time to touch real bones... More interesting places that I went to calm and peace! I enjoyed to see the famous tourists destination - The Great Ocean Road, Victoria - 12 apostle. Today, we see 7 Apostles only... because the windy and strong ocean hit 5 Apostles, then it disappeared ... :(

I really love cute Koala, Kangaroo and Little Penguins! I also get to see Tasmania Devil but, I cannot take photo on this because it is very far and hide from rain... :( Next time I can see Tasmania Devil again if I have chance to visit Australia!

I stayed with my eldest sis for 10 days already... My mom and I always cook breakfast, lunch and dinner in my sis's kitchen. We can save money than eat food at outside. It is really FUN and excited to see many dogs around the park!

I really miss my sister, miu miu, nikki and malaysian food in Malaysia! Haha!

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