Rapunzel Movie Review

Disney: When a flower whose magic has kept the wicked “Mother” Gothel alive for centuries is taken to save the queen during childbirth, Gothel steals the baby princess Rapunzel, in whose long hair the magic now resides, and locks her up in a hidden tower to raise her as her own. Now 18, Rapunzel is restless, and when the thief Flynn Ryder discovers the tower, she persuades him to take her away to the source of the mysterious lights that rise every year on her birthday. Despite the efforts of Gothel and Flynn’s enemies, Rapunzel and Flynn eventually find their destiny, with the help of the strange denizens of the Snuggly Duckling Pub. Rapunzel and Flynn will marry if he saves her from Mother Gothel? :D

Tangled is a different kind of story than what I read in the storybook... About this story, Rapunzel, the heroine is a stronger, more independent girl here...She can cook, paint, love to read books, and clean everything in her tower! But, she still trapped in that dreadful tower, but she’s also pretty good at kicking butt, which she does force thief Flynn to bring her go to see the lanterns which fly from the castle. Like Shrek, Tangled stirs around fairy-tale about a hero will save her from a trapped tower but there are some cute and funny animals that make me laugh out!

Like Little Mermaid, Tangled is an animated fairytale musical...They also singing and dancing. So it is very nice song. I really cannot think about how much long hair can be keep when she always escapes... Her golden hair don't feel pain if it is struck on the wood or branch trees?? Very tired when she wants to brush her long hair on every time....

Maximus - The doggie acting horse! It turned out to be acting like a dog who sniffs to find the scent of Flynn Rider. Very funny! Wow... It can run so fast, can jump...and fight with who he hates! It is not normal horse! That is why he got a name: Maximus

Pascal - Rapunzel's pet chameleon - I like because it is very cute and weird! Haha! The girls really not like chameleon! My mom also don't like it! For me, it is very quiet and not disturb anybody... Haha.. I think that Pascal is smart...He can stop Maximus and Flynn in fight while Rapunzel is excited to see what place which she never goes! funny!

I really like the lantern scene where Rapunzel finally achieves her goal and Flynn realises and discovers his ability to be sincere. Very beautiful when alot of lantern are around the villages and castle... When her hair is cut, she looks as Yuna from final fantasy X-2! She is very cute. :D

This movie is entertaining and also the characters are quite impressive! Fun! Well done and something people of all ages can enjoy to watch!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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