Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

I cannot wait for Chinese New Year coming on next week! My mom and I will depart to Australia on this Sunday before Chinese New Year holidays! I want to visit around Melbourne! Hope to see cute animals, Kangaroo and Koala!  Cute? :D 

I also busy to cook my cute cookies; Panda, Owl, and Doggies on this week! I don't know why my friends call my cookies?? :P I am really surprised when many customers want to buy from me so suddenly! I am selling my cookies at price RM 38 - 45 pieces for one (choose 1 of 3 types cookies; Panda, Owl, Doggies). Limited Stock only!

See my photos below;

You want cute cookies? :D Sorry, I won't sell my recipes. Hehe... Really cute! My family will give the cookies to my relatives in Penang! :)

I will back to Malaysia on 8 February, Tuesday. :)

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