Free antivirus Facebook: BitDefender Safego on Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site and most of us spend a lot of time on it interacting with our friends and posting on their walls.But at times these might lead to malware and spam which can steal your personal informations. For example, you will get messages which get links from your inbox at Facebook or you will click the links given by your friends. You don't know if your Facebook infected already?

You can try the Bit Defender Safego on Facebook application.

BitDefender Safego is free facebook app designed to protect the facebook users from malicious attacks on Facebook. Attacks could be of any type, be it virus, malware, adware, spam etc, Safego can protect you from these attacks to a great extent.

To use BitDefender safego you will have to log in via your Facebook Account.
You will see the screen "Your Profile protected 24/7". Then you can click on the “Double check” button to get BitDefender Safego to scan your Facebook’s wall, message inbox and comments for malicious links and compromised shared content like videos and pictures. You can see the Statistics if you get the infected items or not! You can turn on/off on the scanning 'publish wall', and 'inbox'. So easy to use this? :) It still in Beta only.
For me, it is just a simple interface, the BitDefender Safego application but it also checks the user’s privacy levels and protect your personal information from the thiefs.

Feature of Bitdefender Safego:
  • Privacy protection – users are warned when they should modify their Facebook privacy settings so personal information isn’t exposed
  • Automatic scanning –users simply press the “scan now” button to get a snapshot of their Facebook security status
  • 24/7 protection – Facebook accounts are protected even when users are not logged in to Facebook
  • Protection for friends – users will have the ability to warn their friends about infected links in their Facebook accounts
Have you protected your Facebook? Better to try out this free Facebook app here.

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