First time Deaf students play the ice hockey match in Malaysia!

I am happy for some Deaf teenagers who interested in playing ice-hockey and joined in the friendly match with Dexion Wildcat at Sunway Pyramid! They need to practice more to become good player. Deaf Hawks will participate in the Deaf Competition Ice Hockey with other Deaf strong group from the Asean countries? Parents and Deaf people come to support them at their friendly match! It is good to increase Deaf Awareness and face big challenge to success when the Deaf teenagers be patient to improve their skill and learn something new!
"A new history has been created in the Malaysian Deaf Community by YMCA Deaf Teen members. It was a dream come true for 6 Deaf teen members to play ice-hockey against the Dexion Wildcat at the Pyramid Ice in Subang, Selangor. 4 months ago, they started the training offered by the Malaysian Ice-Hockey Federation (MIHF) through the training cum community program – Learn to Play. The group named themselves “The Deaf Hawks”. The members enjoyed the training very much and hope that one day, they too can become professional ice-hockey players." - YMCAKL Deaf Club's source
For more info, you can refer to article by Star Newspaper:

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