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You watched TV drama about CSI: Crime Scene Investigation before? This is my favorite! I always watch CSIs on every week. It is really cool and mystery which is need to be solve...  I found this new game from, then try to explore this game on Facebook.

CSI: Crime City is  a crime-solving game. it remind me to play treasure hunting games, such as I am looking for the mini-energy game to gain more coffee cups! I also find some evidences to unlock another cases. It will give you a job as a investigator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, just like the agents are working in the modern developed city Las Vegas, in search of evidence in the crime scenes. You will bring to your personal crime lab to do some research after you discover some evidences in the crime locations .

When you start to play this game, you need to select your gender. Then you can check the stores, your collections, office, cases' files, and others... You can visit your stores to upgrade your lab office, such as buy additional tools, equipments, and some decorations, but you need some cash to buy things... You really need to level up when you solved every cases. 

This game have some cases which are getting episodes in a story, like episodes of the TV series. Each episode is itself divided into different scenes, with each one taking place at a different location. It is really cool! When you choose one of cases, you will watch TV episode, make you guess who is murderer! You also accompanied by a experienced CSI agents! You will learn something from them when you start to play... I reached my level, 32 while I busy to find some evidences, thanks to clues which given in the crime locations!  I also upgraded my tools via the store so it saves some energy when I uncovered some squares in a crime location.

You’ll uncover squares looking for clues with using the crime tools. You will discover the mini-energy game, depend on your luck! You also can collect some items for your collection. When you complete to get all evidences, you will go to your lab office, then give it to the agents who help to do it. You need to upgrade your equipment things which are analyzed some evidence if you want this become powerful and fast to complete in the time. Another case will be unlock when you solved your case and put the murderer in a jail!

Case solving in CSI Crime City is easier than what I watch CSI in TV. But, I want the doctor mini-games to examine the corpse to get know what cause the victim killed...  If you finish your energy, you can go to your friends' office to get some coffees or have to wait until your energy recharge. The feature of clothing still are in progress. If you want to level up so fast, you have to uncover all squares in a scene because you'll still get extra experience points and additional cash if you lucky! It is still in beta game and always be updated! 

If you are fan of CSI, you try to play the Application: CSI Crime City.

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