Chinese New Year Android Mini Collectible from TakenShop

We will spend time with our families to celebrate the Chinese New Year on February, 3rd and 4th! 

Dyzplastic has partnered with the Asian distributor to create this very detailed and delightfully different exclusive Chinese New Year Android figure based on ‘Cai Shen’, the god of wealth.

The Android Mini God of Wealth is an Asia exclusive special edition collectible which only available in Asia only. So, it is limited then, you better to buy it before its sold out! :P I really like cute Mini Androids! :D

Price: RM 38.80. Shipping & Handling cost:

  • RM5.00 for West Malaysia 
  • RM10.00 for East Malaysia
How to buy The Android Mini God of Wealth?
Please visit the forum Lowyat for more information.

Visit the Dyzplastic website. And if you interested to buy this, then check out on Takenshop website in Malaysia only.

May the God of Wealth brings you and your family good fortune & prosperity!

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