Tron: Legacy Movie Review

This story tell you about Sam's father, cyber-visionary/digital freedom fighter Kevin Flynn, disappeared in 1989 immediately after telling his young son about a “miracle” he experienced. Then, Sam Flynn is an orphan kid and the elder Flynn’s videogame company, Encom, has transformed into a global technology juggernaut so Encom is very big company in the games industry. After Sam hacked into Encom company, Kevin's friend asked him to go to see what his father left for Sam in Flynn's video game shop. When he discovers his father's secret location, he finds himself sucked into “The Grid”, a three-dimensional world that exists inside a computer - “Tron” videogame! “The Grid” programs take human form, and Sam has to fight for his life against CLU, a program that his father created. The digital alternate universe—the Grid—ruled by CLU, so Sam, Quorra and his father will find out about how they go to a portal computer!


Disney like to make new 3D movie, TRON again! In the world of “The Grid”, I really like the cool light of flash moving when they rides their machines, such as car, airplane, etc. Especially the light cycle sequence, looks pretty awesome! I think that this story is ok...It also explain everything that happened in "The Grid" since Kevin escapes from CLU.

My mom told me that 'Tron' is very famous and really old movie since she is young. When I see this movie, TRON: LEGACY, I never see the amazing clothes that the characters are wearing... They don't feel hot when they are wearing this lighting cloth?! I thought that this universa want to bringing all of us into a fantasy digitalized world then, get to know the advanced weapons & vehicles...Cool! I never see with different rules that are based one the grid lines, with light circles as weapons and the awesome bike that appeared in the movie!

Jeff Bridges as a computer-guru-turned-master-of-the-universe looks like Master Yoga! Mean what he can change his creation-universe or can programme the characters but, not much... Wow, I never think about a lighted circle as a memory's person, like a storage of memories or a chip.

If you ask me about watching this in 3D? No, I used to watch TRON: LEGACY 2D movie only. Because this not show more 3D action but, it is good battles between Sam and his enemies. If you love to play games, you can imagne what you go inside the video game but.. Just watch Sam and the characters are playing a game in Kevin's creation video game only.

Rating: 3/5

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