Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hello! Long time not doing my blog since I am away for my job and travel. I am very busy on this December - Christmas! I love this wallpaper because it make me remind Miu Miu! Meow~ meow!

My family and I went to the Disneyland, Hong Kong and Macau on 23 - 28 Nov 2010. It is very beautiful theme and got alot of cute characters! First time, I enjoyed to play in the Disneyland HK! My youngest sister and I really enjoy to travel around Macau and Hong Kong!

See my photos - Disneyland


St Paul Ruins

Venetian Hotel & Casino

This is the Street of Vienna shopping!

Do you know the Boys Over Flowers (popularTV Korea Drama) make film inside the street of Vienna shopping? If you never heard it, check out wikpekiai at

This is Vienna-style building! So, it named "Venetian City" by Venetian Hotel & Casino

This is Kok Kei's Portuguese Egg Tart. It is very popular because the local Macau people love to eat! You must eat it! :)

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