Square Enix brings the Final Fantasy on Facebook - Knights of the Crystals!

Do you know about the Square Enix is very famous games company that created the Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, X-2 and XII? Now, the just release new game, Final Fantasy XIII on this year! I really like my favorite, Final Fantasy VIII and XII because the Final Fantasy games are really cool!
Square Enix company just opened the Knights of the Crystals on the social networking site, Facebook. The Knights of the Crystals is a RPG style games. For example, you create a hero. You need to make a hero on quests to get stronger. You can also have him face off against other characters in battles. You can choose what classes job; Knight, Magician, Thieve, Gunner...more! I just explore this game ...from start, I thought that this is like Mafia War game, but when you complete the jobs, you will face a big boss with your friends! Like final fantasy VI, if you don't know about the final fantasy. So, you can check out the Final Fantasy website - "Eyes on Final Fantasy"

I am playing this game on Facebook. I feel that first time I play this? I just choose my class as knight to try out the missions during the journey to find out the truth of story... This is good game to save time and easy to fight with the monsters. I also to learn the ability to change classes and try about how much to save energy when I take the quests.

After I complete all quests, I surprised when I fight a big boss with my friends, like playing the Final Fantasy. I can select the function of action; fight, magic or escape! But, it don't have skills, magic and classes's abilities so much so I cannot choose any skills to level up, just click 'magic' to attack a big boss only. Unlike Final Fantasy X. I think that they try to improve this game as it just be released now. So, I keep to click fight or magic on my character and my friends's so well. My friends's characters are higher level than me so I am lucky to complete my mission so easily. When it is complete, I will get new class, Healer. Nice? :D Bad, I cannot equip the characters as I like if I bought the clothes from shop.

If you are fan of Final Fantasy games, you should head over to Facebook and check the Knights of the Crystals apps in Facebook.

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