Movie Review: Buried

Sitting in the darkened cinema with others at the preview screening I did think to myself “How engaging is this possibly going to be? A guy in a box!

Paul Conroy wakes up buried in a coffin somewhere in the Afghan desert. He has with him: his zippo lighter, someone else’s mobile phone with patchy reception and a dwindling battery light, his bottle of pills for anxiety, glowlights and a rickety old torch.Paul uses the phone to try and speak to a variety of people, most of them are in the States, to try and get them to help him

"Buried" is very tense at times and terrorizes the audience with a feeling of uncomfortable and nightmare. What would you do if you were in this situation?Who will you call? If you try to imagine like this in real life, how you escape from your death? Can you make your friends to believe you trapped in a coffin at the unknown place?

I am feeling boring but surprised about a part - how/when the snake got in his pants! Why he don't feel anything when he make alot of moves, such as try to be free from a coffin, and looking for something inside his coffin. I know it come from a hole of coffin, but why he don't feel it is in his pants...Haha! It is not horror so much! Can he breathe for 24 hours of oxygen in his coffin? No way! I think that he should breathe so hardly because he used the lighter fire with the alcohol which further decrease his limited oxygen supply. Better not to use fire so long time. He always think about how to use his blackberry with version language: Iraq before the battery finish...

I just found myself questioning everything after I watched this movie. "If you are deaf, what you do when you are trapped in a coffin?" You will use the text messaging (SMS) to your friends? Cannot call 911 police? So you need to SMS your family and friends? You think that our friend who believe you about this story? Looking around yourself in the coffin? Something is left behind in a coffin? Can you dig out from a coffin? You cannot hear any sound at outside when you are in a coffin. That is why you don't know where place that you trapped in... How?

Who knows it? :P I feel that this movie make you aware about what will happen to you when you meet an accident or trapped at anywhere...

Rating: 2/5 because I feel boring and sleep..zzz

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Inky said…
Just watch yesterday, feel worth for rm8 i think. Nice story because it show that people is selfish and just for the self benefit only. Hehe the funny part is after the movie is finish everyone is confuse. Some saying "wth one man show only?" haha
Selina Wing said…
Yeah! I am agree with you, Inky. It's boring..but it make you will realize if you in the situation like this? :P