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First time, Playfish was able to make a great strategy game "My Empire". It reminded me to play the "Age of Empire", PC game before. I also used to build more the structures, houses, towers, wonders, and many.. I have to fight with other enemies from another country while I busy to make my army on every time and guard my country, but "My Empire" still are in the progress of beta game. It can help you to fight some when you visit other map and will face the pirates who want to attack your island! It's funny.. See my new city 'Athena' below;

My Empire is is a simple city building game that puts you in control of your own ancient village with a Romanesque or Greek style theme. It allow you to build structures, houses, wonders and attempt to keep their population happy and help you to collect the taxes. The wonders need the help of your friends to send the gifts and collect the elements from your workshops, such as stone, gold, woods, etc. When you start a game, it provide the brief tutorial that introduces the basic idea of the game, fulfilling particular goals and increasing your fame. When you keep to build more structures, your level will go up and extract into bigger island!

There are four different tax collectors one that produces coins in five minutes, four hours, twelve hours, and twenty four hours. You'll earn money through taxes, and the taxation system is how My Empire will keep you coming back on a daily basis because if you don't login in, your tax collectors will take away your money if you don't collect from him or lose money! Better, you used twelve hours to hire a tax collectors because you can login in during morning and night only. Or only the five minute collector is free. Every time you use five minutes until a tax collector is tired and need to sleep. :D

You will decorate your village with various objects which will also increase your happiness. Building your city in My Empire requires four basis building types; the Functional, Happiness, Decorations, Wonders. These buildings provide you with "fame" which allows you to level up and provides addional population for your city. Your functional buildings need to be balanced by your happiness buildings. If you want to evolve your village into a city or royal, you need to do research about the code of law, bargaining, excavation and many... So, your city will become better!

You can explore another island with your ship after your island become the ROYAL or if your island already be FULL so no enough space for your buildings. You can explore the island when you will given a quest about saving a cousin. You have to battle with every enemies who stay in another island! But, you still can gain more rare materials if you are lucky when you explore around an island.

When your city become bigger, you finally have your own army building, then can train your army! There are four army capacities; ten soldiers in an hour, 70 soldiers in 8 hours, 200 soldier in 24 hours and 50 soldiers in 3 Playfish coins. I decided to choose 200 soldiers because everyday it can collect 200 soilders so it help to increase your chance of winning battles. Don't forget to find your friends who will work as your general who help to battle with the enemies and pirates! I already have ten generals who guard my islands! Depends on my luck to win the battle.. Sometimes, you can ask your friends to help you to battle with the enemies.

After a quest of saving a cousin, you can enjoy to build the Wonders, houses, towers and etc! When the enemies are lost to you, they will give their buliding to you! You can gain more generals when you won the battles on everytime. You can pick one from the rare materials from the Temple of Zeus on every 24 hours. Cool!

If you like the Wonders, you can build Stonehenge, The Pyramids, The Great Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, and many. It's cool but, you need to find some 'rare' materials. You always ask your friends to send the gifts or can send your friends the gifts then they will send back to you! Or you wait for the workshops that will give you the rare materials after 24 hours. You think it's not easy to complete the wonders? Yeah, you really need to be patient until you success to complete your wonders!

How you get a lot of money in My Empire?
  • You will get more money if you claim tax every 5 minutes. This shorter time is the better. But if you don’t have time to play like this, get the tax collector depending on your time. I also used 12 hours to claim the tax on every morning and night only.
  • You need to visit your neighbors – First-time visit gives 500 coins, Next visits give less coins.
  • Daily logging in on every day, the game gives out coins, and you will earn 10% increase in this daily bonus if you click a "Like" button on this games!
  • You need to build a Market, then upgrading your market increases the amount of money you get from visiting friends.
  • Helping your friend build their free buildings – keep an eye out for people posting feeds. You will get extra money if you help them!
How Research and Upgrading can Benefit your Empire? Go to their website

For me, this game is really good and suitable for te kids who love to build! It's easy to be understand when you are playing this game but, sometimes it's hard to get a rare material from your friends, depends on your luck. But, the buildings cannot be rotate when you want to move or place it... I wish that they make new ships in My Empiree if we want to make the ships used for travel, or fishing, or warship.

Enjoy to play the application of Facebook, My Empire!

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pijal said…
the only phail thing on my empire is have to build certain building with the help of neighbours.. unless ur neighbours are fully commited, u wont get ur royal temple finish in less than a month haha
Selina Wing said…

I already get royal temple when I asked my friends to join My Empire and help to is not easy. @.@ Maybe it take few weeks to complete it. I don't want do it again if you ask me to build a temple again.. hehe