Movie Review: Inception

Inception was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, a man who is no stranger when it comes to mind-testing movies and stories, is said to have been writing the script for Inception since he was working on Memento. Inception is the type of summer blockbuster you don’t see often. It’s the kind of movie that not only wow’s your senses visually and acoustically, but also pushes your conceptions of reality and the dream. It’s the type of movie you cannot really explain to anyone, nor can you spoil the ending, because it’s all about the process. The process of getting to the climax of the film is where the fun, excitement, and mystery of the film reveals itself.

The main characters in a team will act as “The Architect”, “The Forger”, and “The Chemist” in order to pull off the job. Furthermore, dreams have rules: dying in a dream forces the dreamer to wake up, delving too deeply into a mind can cause an eternal slumber called “Limbo”, using memories to construct dreams is dangerous because it can blur the line between dreams and reality. In addition, intruding in the dreams of another will cause the dreamer’s “projections” (human representations created by the dreamer) to attack the intruders like white blood cells going after an infection. And these explanations only represent a fraction of the terminology, rules, exceptions, or details that are necessary for creating the world of Inception.

"It's established that our dreams have a sort of defense mechanism to ward off unwanted guests, so to speak. These take the form of "projections," i.e. imaginary dream people, who can become aggressive when something in the dreamer's dreamspace is disturbed. As it turns out though, the person upon which inception is to happen has some sort of dream theft defense which really just translates to nameless grunts with guns that shoot on sight..."


When it started, I don't understand what is it when Cobb and his assistant are looking for a secret things from his enemies in his castle. They always in the different places, in another dream. For them, "time" is very important when they want go to another dream or want to wake up from sleep...

I think that the movie effect got "Time" and "Gravity-shifting". It's a very memorable score and quite a moving - slow and fast. So, it is common with "The Matrix". In their dream, they sure have the emotion, such as influence, conscious, tension, and many... If you going to be scary or anxious, your dream will be weak or diturbed by another dream, then the imaginary dream people will attack you or the buildings will move into different dimension or explore or in earthquake...

If you are sleeping, you still can feel the danger and strong aura around you...That is why that delivers tension, danger, strong and engaging characters as well as you will be in the changing of situation, like moving of the hotel suites - gravity or creation of the buildings!

I never think about someone can go to the dream, then go to another dream's person again! Like they went into the deeply, but it is dangerous if you fail back to your dream after you went into another dream's person, you will be in a trap! so mean you never wake up from sleep.

Cobb is very experienced about this because he know about how to delving into their dreams and memories. But, Cobb still think about his past while he went to another dream. You will know why Cobb still want to do it when he are looking for a team. Every time, he always make sure that his reality is not same as dream after he wake up... "Do you feel that you still in your dream?". When in your dream, you will realize it slowly if you keep to explore your own dream, like real.

"Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange."

We learn about them by how they interact with each other in a dream - “If you’re going to perform inception, you need imagination.” I feel not like about a part - place filled with the white snow and soldiers because I don't understand why they chose this place. I thought that they will create the places which hides the way of escape...

Sometimes, I feel time is short after I wake up from my dream! In my dream, I feel that my time is long and always see what is happened around me or do the things never I see and do... Sometimes, I feel something in my mind and body when someone hit my head or fell down from the high place or flying in the sky in my dream. But, it never happen to me in reality. I think this is just a dream :P

"Do you believe your dream which give the meaning of life?"

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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