iPhone Application for the Deaf

Now, the iPhone 4 is coming soon to Malaysia! DiGi and Maxis announced the iPhone 4 registration website online for the malaysian who interest in the iPhone. But, both telcos have not revealed iPhone 4 price and release date. I don't know when we can get the iPhone 4... My dad bought new iPhone on last year but, he not always use this then he bought new blackberry. Haha I feel the Blackberry is easy than iPhone?

iPhone is really cool and easy to touch...but, it don't have video 3G? I not yet try but, I sure that iPhone 4 is better than this.

I wonder if some deaf bought the iphone or not in Malaysia. I also heard that a lot of deaf people really like the iPhone 4 because an iPhone can help the deaf person to chat with a friend with the application of iPhone. For example, the deaf people always use VRS service application that allow the deaf communicate with a hearing friend with using an interpreter via videophone.

If you are user of iPhone, you can check out about what is the application which is available for Deafs!

1. IWRelay VRS
The IWRelay VRS application can connects Deaf mobile phone users with video relay interpreters. Using the new iPhone 4 FaceTime feature, a Deaf caller communicates by sign language in real time video. The interpreter then translates the sign language for the hearing caller. In turn, the hearing caller’s words are translated into sign language for the Deaf caller.

Check out on the IWRelay's official website:

via the source:

Download the IWRelay VRS at


2. Subtitles
Subtitles allows easy access to a huge library of movie subtitles in 20 languages. Subtitles is especially useful for the deaf and hard of hearing people who would like access to subtitles in their native language.

Download the Subtitles at


3. Streamtome

Streamtome is subtitle supported. So you can watch movies on your iphone with subtitles. Here's how to watch movies on your iphone with subtitles using this app. You have the movie file and the matching subtitles on your PC in the same folder. The movie and the subtitles must have the same name (movie.avi - The avi file will be the video file and the srt is the subtitles file.

Download Streamtome at


4. Japanese Sign Language Application by

This applicaton allow you learn the Japanese sign language when you go to visit Japan! Or when you are free, you enjoy to learn this sign language. The hearing japanese people can learn this sign language too.

Download the Japanese Sign Language at the


5. iSign Lite Application for Deaf.

If you want to learn the American Sign Language, this application that teaches the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet to deaf children and learners, included the hearing people who interested in the sign language. The iSign Lite is using 3D animated characters to demonstrate a full range of ASL signs. Via the source

Download iSign Lite at


6. Sign 4 Me - A Signed English Translator by Vcom3D

A 3D character can be zoomed in or out and rotated to give you the best vantage point for every sign. The library includes more than 11,500 words. Type in sentences, phrases, words and even the alphabet. Everything you enter will be saved in your History. Easily locate your entries by date or alphabetically. You can delete whatever you don’t want to keep. Via the source

Download Sign 4 Me at

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