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K-ON! anime is adapted from a Japanese four-panel comic strip manga written and illustrated by Kakifly. The anime adaptation is produced by Kyoto Animation and began airing in Japan in April 2009.
The title K-ON! comes from the Japanese word Keiongaku, literally ‘light music’, which means pop music in Japan. The story revolves around four Japanese high school girls who join their school’s light music club to try to save it from being abolished, and their fun-filled learning and friendship.

Yui Hirasawa, a first year high school student wants something new in her life and she decided to join a club, but which club will she join? Meanwhile, Ritsu, who wants to join the Light Music Club, discovers that the club is closed for now because all the members of the said club graduated last school year, because of this, she dragged her childhood friend Mio into joining the said club. And so, the Light Music Club has two members, which later added with Tsumugi better known as Mugi who is a prodigy in keyboard. Finally, Yui learns how to play the guitar and later, became the lead vocalist of the band after she impressed by a band; Ritsu, Mio and Mugi.

When I heard about K-ON on first time, I watched the anime preview in ANIMAX Astro Channel 715. I am curious about what it is K-ON! My youngest sister downloaded free episodes from anime website. Then, my sis and I watched this anime Season 1 and 2 together..

It's a regular teen drama about four girls and their dream of becoming famous someday. The characters are very cute, but they always looks as stupid when they are doing something than playing the band! O_O I think that they want to share their friendship, love more comedy and have weird habits. For example, Yui always get energetic when she eat a cake, Mio really scare or scream when they bring up the scary or ghost stories, Mugi always bring the desserts for tea-time and Ritsu is really LAZY.

OMG! Mio is really shy when she is singing... Pity Mio because Ritsu always tease her on everytime, but Mio never angry back at Ritsu. O_O They still are close friend...Yui always play and love to tease the newest member, Azusa tpo! After Season 1, they always play with Azusa because Azusa joined in their band during Season 2.. That is why she get a weird nickname 'cat' and always be teased by Yui and Ritsu. Funny Yui! She always take care of her guitar until she forget her exam and homework! They are scared of their advisor of Light Music Club! Haha..Now, five members of K-ON! are still great friends. :) It really make me and my sis laugh!

So, they try to do their best to play because they are not good,then keep to improve their skills when they are singing. It is really good story! You better to buy DVD anime, K-ON! to watch the Season 1 and 2! I heard that the Season 3 will coming soon on this year? I not sure when is...

You can listen their music below;

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