Full House - Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

Fullhouse is a lifestyle store and cafe, where you can dine and shops at the same time. You will feel extremely cozy when you walk in. All around are decorated with attractive items like clock, potted plants, portrait frames, key chains and etc. There are the different spaces like dining table, restroom, etc. The Fullhouse merchandise for sale!

Wow, It is very great because it get elegant in white and has a nice french-style. All the waitress are in cute maid uniform. The guys are in chef uniform as waiter, but they don't wear hat chef. . I also love to see the illustration of recipes in the menu and the comics at the back. I enjoyed to see more dishes are illustrated when I went to order what I like... because it is very cute!


This is my dish, Smootues-fruities fish with passion berries fruit & sun dried tamoto (RM 22.90) and drink, Red Honeydew Peach Puree Blended (RM 6.90). I feel this taste of dish is sweet, like berries jam. You better to drink the Fruits Blended because it is nice!


This is Tracy's Favourite Meal, Dory Fish & Asia Green, Forest Mushroom Soup and Iced Lemon Tea (RM 16.90) - the promotion for Lunch (12pm - 4pm) only. I like to eat the forest mushroom soup!


This is Tony's Favourite Meal - Oven Roasted Chicken Chop with daily vegetable, Forest Mushroom Soup, and Iced Lemon Soup (RM 18.90). The chicken chop's taste is better than fish!


After that, the waiter come to bring the Tarts to us. This is two Tarts; chocolate and vanilia- small only.. ^^


Finally, we are full! We went to take photos around the Full House~


Me and Thomas the father of the family!

I just to take few photos at the store... All custromers enjoy to wear hats , glasses and clothes to take more photos, but they don't buy these! Haha...

The dining table with cute frame - the couple! :P

I really want to drive a yellow mini cooper outside the restaurant! It is cute mini car!

If you love to eat there, you can go to the Sunway Pyramid!

Fullhouse @ Sunway Pyramid
LG 1.96 , Sunway Pyramid.

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