Translating Your Dog’s Mood

When you adopt your dog, you just wonder whether your dog is feeling sad? Or happy? Or frustrated? It seems that Tomy Co has thought up of a new version of its device called “Bowlingual Voice”.

TOMY Co has launched a new version of its “Bowlingual voice” device, which the company says “translates” dog emotions. The wireless microphone device, which fits on a dog’s collar, transmits the animal’s sound to a handheld console which analyzes and “translates” into six emotional categories. The device then emits a common phrase matching the dog’s emotional state, both in words and voices.

Source: JapanToday

Haha..this is cute facial expression inside the device so, they do their good job... but, I think the dogs don't like device's collar on their neck. What you think of this? ^^

My family and I also have a dog, Nikki and can tell us what Nikki are actually running around, or jumping, and barking for.. such as "Always here for you, Master!", "I am hungry!", "Come with me to walk outside!" and something like that. (^ ^). See my photo, Nikki below;


Nikki just wake up from his sleep...Cute!

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