Movie Review: Ip Man 2

Donnie Yen reprises his role as Ip Man, a grandmaster of Wing Chun martial arts. Continuing the story from 2008’s Ip Man, he travels to Hong Kong to propagate the discipline of Wing Chun while facing the rivalry of local master Hung Ga. We are also introduced to a young Bruce Lee who would later become Ip’s most famous disciple.

I heard from my friends, that it is very best than Ironman 2! I don't watch Ip Man 1 because I don't know what its story about this. I just try to watch this movie, Ip Man 2 only.

Wow, I am amazing about the fight between Master Hung and Ip Man on a big table while he seek an approve of his centre teaching kungfu from every masters in Hong Kong. I understand about their situation about they still need money to raise their family during British take over on Hong Kong... Ip Man always be calm when he faces many challenges in his life...

When it come to the grand finale, the ultimate clash between Eastern and Western fighting styles, nears! When its begin the round, Ip Man also beating down Twister with kicks and fists. That is why the fearing defeat on Western' side, the judges announced that kicks are not allowed for the third round because Ip Man’s kicks did the most damage to Twister. Twister is very strong than Ip Man but, he defeat Twister so successfully when he remembers what a Master Hung says while he nearly lose to Twister....

Ip Man was not doing this for Chinese community' s dignity. Because he don't want the rich people from Western countries do not look down in Chinese people. He also hope that everyone are fair and always help each other no matter whose race or western/eastern people... He always want to become good father and very care for his wife/son.

Then, this is a great movie if you like the action and it also bring the teaching kungfu' message about helping each other in times of need.

I just know about Ip Man teaches Bruce Lee before. Do you know who is famous Bruce Lee? Check their website!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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