Deaf Cartoon: A Story of BUGOY, The Deaf boy

You love to watch the 2D animation if this story related with deaf ? I found this animation from Deaf Youtube. Wow, the students come out with good idea about a deaf story. Their 2D animation and drawing are normal but, they did their good job when they are doing their thesis project! You can learn it from them if you want to do your own story~ :D Enjoy to watch this youtube below;

"This thesis project of Victoria Sakilayan and Melissa Grace Ramos is a 2D presentation of the life of Bugoy, a Deaf child of a king & queen. It tells of how his family reacted when they learned that Bugoy was Deaf. The king & queen were saddened by the knowledge of their son’s fate. They had given up on him & have almost abandoned him to a life that would make Bugoy dependent on his parents. In the absence of the king, the queen let Bugoy live a normal life and found that he could act & learn like any other child if given a chance. He eventually saves his father from their enemies and they lived happily ever after."

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