Movie Review: Here Comes Fortune!

March come here already! Hmm...I am very busy over my works in this month since holiday Chinese New Year finished. I still want to blog more..more on this year so, I sure will get back my pagerank! After I back from Penang, my mom decided to bring grandma to visit Pavilion Shopping Mall. My sisters and I joined them too. She also reserved the seats for us. Thanks to my mom!

Let me say about what is "Here Comes Fortune!"...

"Here Comes Fortune" is about the God of Fortune coming down from heaven to spread some love and wealth to humans in need. The movie is developed by talking about stories which took place in three stories:
  • Shenyang, where a kind-hearted teacher is willing to give up a billion dollars in order to save her adopted daughter;
  • Shanghai, love story about 533, a female God of Fortune who is falling in love with a blind pianist (Chang Chen); and
  • Beijing, where an ugly duckling story of Xu Jie, the boring introverted office lady.

After I watched it, I am giving out 3 of 5 stars because it looks as normal and very comedy story for me. It make everyone laugh about the jokes of fortune. Funny, the actors and actress dance together and put every flags on the top, such as Brazil, Singapore and other countries' it is bad about God of Fortune target Chinese people in China only, not for all countries. No need to put every flags la. :P

For me, it's suitable for bedtime for kids who want to sleep. :P All stories are very nice and also have some magic. For example, they can use magic to clean room, change from dry to fresh flowers and many... it is fantasy? :D

All stories carry the happiness-over-materialism message.

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Selina Wing said…
Yeah, it is very comedy :P Make me laugh~