Movie Review: Alice in the Wonderland

Since Alice was a 7 years old, who returned from the Wonderland, she has been having terrible nightmares of Wonderland. After 12 years, She now in her late teens, revisits the world of her childhood adventure and discovers her true fate as she must end the Red Queen’s Stranglehold over Wonderland.. but this time, things in Wonderland are very different.

Since I am kid, I always like to watch the animated movies from Disney, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, and many... :D

Remember the Alice in Wonderland from Disney? This animated of movie is about a 7 years old Alice falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself in a magical world called Wonderland...!

Now, Tim Burton introduce his new movie, Alice in the Wonderland! The effect of visuals were completely and..incredible! When I was watching this movie, I think about their graphic of characters, CG and 3D effects are very beautiful and great! I really like to see Johnny Depp who is very good at his action as "Mad Hatter" - with his crazy orange hair and eyebrows, white face and big lime-colored eyes! He is very mad and crazy when he enjoyed to do his things which he likes or not! That is why my sisters and mom like Johnny Depp's acting so he is great-crazy!

I heard that Anne Hathaway also acted as White Queen, but I think that her acting is really good. As the White Queen, she always give the support to everyone and don't like to force to do the evil things. I am surisped when their castles are really 'cool'!! It also get beautiful landscape and colors...O_o It is really different than what I watch the cartoon of 'Alice in the Wonderland".

I feel that Alice's action is okay only but she tried to give her best to do action when she is in the Wonderland! I really like to see more about Chesire Cat! It is very naugthy and..cute cat! :D This movie really did a great job at presenting a 3D universe ! :) But, I think that this story is okay. :)

Rating: 3 out of 5

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@xiM said…
the graphic is great..but dont u think MAD HATTER by JOHNY DEPP overshadow the ALICE itself??

overall this movie just ok for me..
Selina Wing said…
Hmm.. I feel MAD HATTER and ALICE are the main characters. That's why they acted so together.

Yeah, this story is ok only. :)