Hikone - Army of cute, fluffy, huggable mascots!

There are very cute mascots in the world, I feel like I can't take it when I see their pictures. Just the thought of being invaded by an army of cute, fluffy, huggable mascots makes me want go to Japan!

The "Yuru-Chara Matsuri" event hosted by the city of Hikone, in the Shiga prefecture. I learned about the first "Yuru-Chara" (Mascot Character) Matsuri was held on Yume-Kyobashi Castle Road in Hikone in October 2008. Some 46 PR mascots adorned the road and posed for pictures. A total of 46,000 Japanese people, includes the tourists came to the festival.

Hikone is home to one of Japan's oldest and most popular "yuru-charas" (as the mascots are called), named Hikonyan. It became known as the "Sacred City of Yuru-Chara", and began hosting this annual gathering for yuru-charas from all over Japan. Last year the giant attendance exploded to 150 yuru-charas!

Source from Gigazine Blog: 150 Goofy Mascots in "Yuru-Chara” Festival at Hikone, Shiga

You want to take a picture with them? ^^ Better go to trip in Japan! :P

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