For deaf students, what are you doing when results SPM come out?

If I speak about this topic, you and your friends are curious, right? So I ask you, what do you wish for your future? For example, do you love to study accounting? or become engineer? programmer? or interested in dancing? Work in 3D animation company? etc...

You don't have any interest to do anything? Lots of deaf young and students asked me for my advice about what they will study, what type of career jobs...

Have you thought about “What will I do after this?”
Last time, I completed my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examinations, I used to think about this. Then I start to discuss with my mom and sister. They knew I am interested in design but, I don't know where is the university/college that I will go? Continue STPM or diploma? My teacher suggested me to continue STPM in school so it is better and maybe get in the govenment university, but I don't like to study so much and love to design. :P I asked my mom to bring me visit the STAR and MAPCU Education Fairs because I want to know more about what course that the university/college have, how/what is the programmes if it can help a deaf person to learn, what subjects in the programmes which is suitable for me and etc... My mom also help to explain it for me.

If you're really serious about going overseas, look for a course with a twinning programme, but, the tuition fees and living costs in a foreign country are sure expensive. If you are lucky to get scholarship, you can go there! The parents sure will worry about their deaf son/daugther about how to cope with their studies when they want to study in oversea. :P

After SPM, please spend time to find some information about the programmes in the university and college.
-Take the extra initiative to spend time at education fairs, career talks and other events related to career and education.
-Bring your parents to talk to the booth participants and ask for some guidance and gain more information, there will be helping hands willing to help you out.
-By doing so, you will let them know about you being deaf, maybe will get a chance to study in university or college with a scholarship!

Many deaf students don't know what are their decision after SPM? As I know, they are very good in communication in sign language and be active or good in sports or activities, such as sewing, cooking, and etc. Right? Start by asking yourself questions about your preferences:

- You can use your own skills for studying in college/university.
Eg. if you love to cook or work in hotel, try to take a diploma of culinary arts or hotel management office. Or, you like to sew the clothes, you can take a course, fashion design. If you like to play games or mobile handphone on everyday, then you learn games and application design.

- Explore the courses which provided by a college - how does it prepare you for your future career? Eg. Check the interesting courses in website college. And take your time to visit the college. You can ask your parents or counsellor of college/university to get an advice about what career which is better for your future. Talk with your deaf friends and relatives about colleges.

- Gain information, such as the tuition fees - it take how many years to pay? and the location of places for hostel, apartments and shops, and transportion.

Worry about how much money that you will spend to study?
- If you don't want your parents to spend so much for your studies, you can apply PTPTN when you study your course in university or college.
- You can find the part-time work to support your studies. (I also working as freelance designer when I studied in MMU)
- Looking for the scholarships from local universities, and colleges. For example, KDU College provided the scholarship for the students, depends on your good results. It's better if you try to apply using the scholarship form.

“People had never had experience with the deaf community, so it is a BIG CHALLENGE"
Do you want to know more about the universities and colleges that can accept the deafs? Find out it!
Please comment here or email me ooiselina[at] if you have any question for this.

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