The Deaf-A hearing band is in SXSW 2010!

“The Deaf” A hearing band is using it as a name of their new band!

First time, I heard about a deaf band like to take an opportunity to enter in the music world. Without hearing, they still try to open a door to take their interest of music for deaf community want to feel mixed feeling of love music. It is good for them to love music! I am sure that they will face more challenges when they already in the music world.

How about you? I always not listening to the music..:P I don't like music, maybe because it is very loud, but maybe I not hear the singing or listening music are very nice as what my sister says. :) Don't get me wrong for not interest in music, I also like to watch TV about American Idol and others related with singing and music. :)

For deafs who like music, please don't think this disability 'hearing impaired' as a hindrance in your life! You can start to learn piano or playing guitar or etc! :D My deaf friend can play piano! :)

Check out this for Deaf band's interview.

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