Movie Review: 14 Blades

Synopsis: Trained in clandestine combat from childhood, the Jinyiwei were masters of the 14 Blades. Above the law and with a license to kill, they devoted their lives and lethal prowess to the service of the Emperor alone.When the Imperial Court is taken over by evil eunuch Jia, the best of the Jinyiwei, Qinglong is assigned to steal a list identifying those still loyal to the Emperor. Unbeknownst to Qinglong, the Jinyiwei have fallen under the control of Jia, and during the mission he’s betrayed and barely escapes with his life. Now as the most wanted man in the land Qinglong must seek out and rally the loyalists to rise against Jia and restore the Emperor to power. In his way are the deadliest assassins in the land, his former brethren, the Jinyiwei.

The period of the year where Chinese New Year is around the corner and to me, my dad really want to watch the chinese movies in the cineam! My cousin, and uncle also join me to watch this movie with my dad and sister! When we went in, it suddenly to be unlucky for my cousin because the staff see him as very young, so it is not suitable for him to watch! :P Haha.. Bye to my cousin, Jason...hehe

This story of how a loyal bodyguard of the emperor is trapped... "14 Blades" is described as the epic story of a secret agent in ancient China. It weaves the themes of loyalty, chivalry, brotherhood and of course romance. It's expected to showcase a dazzling mix of martial art and espionage set against soul-stirring and majestic scenes.

OMG...Wu Chun as Judge, the leader of a brigade of bandits who has this cool boomerang double blade. So, he learned to fight...Well, I like the boomerang double blade because it is very creative and new for this fighting! For fan girls, he looks as 'cool' in this movie. Haha...^^lll Jinywei will fight with a strongest lady?! O_o Normally, hero guy will fight with villain guy... Their fighting is really good and get effect slow, like matrix. :P I see the background of different places are very beautiful.

I thought that Jingwei have 14 - different type; swords, blades, throw knifes, and etc in his utility box, like carrying the guitar into a box, and it get the uniqueness and names of each blade... I can see what weapon he will use while he fight with enemies...I think that his box is heavy to carry? :P But, I never see all of them in action if he want to use different 14 swords at same times...So, it is bad!

The ending of story is okay only... I don't feel sad when Jingwei and villain lady die together at same time...:P He said she is very dangerous lady, she always d everything for her dad who want to take throne from a king...but I don't think it because she not enough to be evil and dangerous but she is good in fighting. They always fighting until end, so it make them very tired so fast! O_O

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