Happy New Year, 2010!!

I want to wish a happy new year to all my readers~!

Happy New Year, everyone!! ^^ So, what resolutions are you making? Did you make your wish become true? :D I seemed to be missing in past few days so I didn't update this blog...:P Many friends ask me about what I do in this year..Haha!

What have I done in 2009? You can check my wishlist 2009.

- I bought new Playstation 2 - Done. This is very cool red! I always playing this PS2 on every weekend.
- My weight already remove 2 or 3kg..but, this still be no enough! Kimberly recommended me go to the gym 'TrueFitness' in the end of October. I will review about what I do in gym 'TrueFitness' soon.
- Save money - OK only. My mom and I share money to buy new house. T_T I already be poor now! Hope I can get money back if I save $ in 2 years again. As you know, buying new house is very expensive and not easy...
- My travel with my family. I travelled to different places; Perak, Pahang, Penang, Johor, and Sarawak. I also very enjoyed when my family and I visited my relatives in Taiwan.
- Increass my traffic blogs. Sad.. because I don't spend my time alot to do my blog! I always go out on everytime and busy focus on my job.. T_T
- Fix the blogs, AnimeDeafz and Deaf Boleh! Malaysia! - Done.
- Bought new stuffs for my notebook HP Pavilion TX2520AU- Done.

What to do in 2010?
There are alot of things that I want to do on this year! My goal of 2010 year are:

1. Getting more traffic for my blogging again!
2. Be healthy and gain my ideal weight. Gym is killing me! @_@
3. I will travel more often this year. My mom wants to visit LA, USA..maybe wait for school holiday december. I also want to see cute animals..koala and kanggroo in Australia! My mom and I will go to Indonesia as my mom said it is cheaper...
4. I like to buy new handphone, Nokia N97. I cannot say I want to buy or not on this year? I still love my nokia N73 because this is my hardwork to get it when I won the prize from Telenor and MMU! My handphone, N73 is 3 years old already.
5. Will looking for the hosting when I have time to do it. If you know about good hosting, please comment about your suggestion here. :)

And for Deaf community Malaysia, I also hope that the government should give the scholarships, like JPA to support the deaf students who will study in the oversea university. I also want to study Master in oversea so, it is not easy to get scholarship.. I don't mind if I study here. T_T I can say that Deaf Malaysian can do it in the sports such as, they won in Deaf Olympic 2009 in Taiwan! That are a new success for Deaf community Malaysia! Great! Keep to improve the status of Deaf Malaysia! :)

How about you? Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog, Selina's Wing. I am sure 2010 will be an amazing year for everyone!

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