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The summary of story is when year of 2154 where Jake Sully, a marine, looses his legs in a battle. Jake’s twin brother who had to leave for a project on Pandora, a distant moon, dies unexpectedly and the authorities of the mission offer Jake his brother’s place as the project requires a DNA match. Jake accepts the offer just because he knows that by this he would be able to walk again on his feet and he would be able to pay off surgery expenses. Avatar is the body of tall, blue Pandora natives known as Na’vi. He travels to Pandora but Dr. Grace Augustine, head of the project, is not happy he does not want to send an inexperienced person on the most important project of her life. Na’vi detest “sky people” and calls them Earth denizens. The mission is to get vast quantities of a mineral that Na’vi has and officials want to relocate Na’vi but Jake will never ever do it and will try to take it through negotiation. Jake gets lost in the forests and a Na’vi warrior Neytiri rescues him.


Wow!! It is very great!! I want to watch this Avatar again! I also wonder how it can looks real!!! I heard that filmmaker, James Cameron has been working for 4 years!! It got alot of 3D effects that can make you go in the beautiful jungles! You will face different animals and Navi there. The Navi looks as intellagine human, but also has big catlikes eyes, tail, and blue-skinned...They are very taller than normal human! Its this vivid of the real and the imaginary, the material world and the spiritual are connected so each other! Like the vision of utopia, technology and ecology fuse. On Pandora, electrical currents flow through the root systems of the trees.

Jake Sullys can go to connect to his clone Navi when he is sleeping inside a machine.. For me, if he go into his Nav's world, it become his dream! So, it is like the roleplaying and multiplayer games, might one day lead to a profound philosophical empathy, a higher human consciousness~

The movie has a special message that how the people of Pandora rely on their ecology, their environment, trees and related things that the human race has probably neglected in its desperation for modernization.

How about you? Like it? :D I can say that this movie really are very best and successful movie! This is a MUST see for everyone! This is very creative ideas!

Kimberly and her husband are really happy!! LOL! My friend, Woan Koon and I like to thank them for invite us out to watch this movie, AVATAR at 1 Utama. ^^

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pro duo stick said…
The plot and dialogues were so stale that they ruined the magnificent world created by Cameron.