Storm Riders II review movie

The Storm Riders II is back now!! Wind and Cloud will fight with a ruthless Japanese warlord intent on invading China. So, Wind, Cloud and their allies must level-up their martial arts to eradicate the invaders. The process of leveling up their skills is fraught with life-threatening risks to themselves and their loved ones.

My sisters and I bought the tickets for my dad because this movie is my dad's favourite..I remembered that my dad also watched the movie 'The Storm Warrior' before this...After we watch this movie at Mid Valley, I am really boring with this movie because I can say WIND and CLOUD's action are good is not very amazing story. I think that the part of scene is very like 300 movie, but it also have graphic art... I really don't like the effects, such as speed, darkness and alot of blood out when they are in the! That is why many computer graphic are in this movie! For me,
WIND is not enough to be evil!

When it come to the ending, they focus on
WIND and CLOUD's action only. They always fighting each other after they kill a powerful enemies...I felt that they are very show off about their skill of kungfu when they are fighting each other! So, they are 'cool'! :P Sometimes, I don't understand what is about this story... :) The ending is not enough good because I felt this will continue to another movie again. What about you? This is really good or not? :D I still prefer The Storm Warrior!

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