Surrogates Movie Review


Surrogates, based on the graphic novel, foretells what it would be like if we all created robot versions of ourselves to do out daily activities while we stay home and control them via virtual reality. We could stay young, vireal, buff and beautiful. We wouldn’t have to worry about hygiene, getting fat and aging. It is quite a dynamic and creepy fantasy world depicted in this film.

Once the world is established we meet FBI Agent Greer who takes a case that involves users of the Surrogates dying when their robot counterparts die. Is it the Prophet who is doing the killing as he unleashes his agenda to save mankind from its reliance on the robots? All these are suspects and more as the film twists and turns through this futuristic world at break-neck pace.


Maybe you don't know what is about Surrogates.. Everyone own a surrogate robot body in their lives in countries. Their feeling can accept the everything good through the surrogate experiences, e.g. he uses his robot body to run so faster, and not need to gain the painful experience when a person beat up his robot..mean his robot can do everything as he likes...But, there are very murder mystery set in a future world with filled the robots! How to kill a human through his/her robot? They use a dangerous weapon to kill who is involved with world-company which sell the surrogate robots..

I am shocked when I see which is one real human in a group of robots in the place??! I think that it is hard to find out one of them.. :P because the robots looks as very real real! This is really a 'Second Life' games when you play the character in the world through the multiplayer games!! I played the multiplayer games before but, this movie make me wow! :P I think that the actors/actress did a great job at acting like a robot in this movie.. :D

For my opinion, those who don't accept reality-life and use two-faces to use a robot. e.g. a guy use a female robot to play with them, or lie to everyone about his/her life...And if everyone uses surrogates all the time for just about everything, like working and enjoyable of life, they will be unhealthy because they always be in home only. They also never express their real emotions like love, fear, sadness and guilt starts! It will affected the children. What you think about this story? :) It make everyone learn to accept your own mistake in reality life after a FBI Agent Greer stopped it from culprit who wanted to destory everyone own the robots...

I give 4 out of 5

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Anonymous said…
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